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consulate general of switzerland - residence. kr2

This face brick house on Ocean View Drive was designed as a family home in the 1960’s by Denis Fabian Architects.

The alteration was to allow for a larger reception area, a new dining room, a guest bedroom as well as to improve the sequence of spaces and the movement of visitors. Central was an innovative use of materials and colours to work with the rustic looking face brick. The interior was to have a fresh and contrasting character.

The access is celebrated with a large brass gate and a brass entrance door. The sleek golden brass is in a strong contrast to the existing red textured face brick facades. Frameless glazing isolates the entrance door and changes its function. Rather than being a door separating inside and outside, it becomes a symbol marking the cultural act of receiving and inviting-in.

The interior design is accentuated by two red feature walls inviting to pause, rest, re-orientate and communicate. Furniture and light fittings were supplied by ‘Form und Raum’ in Bern, Switzerland.

completed work. kr2