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embassy of switzerland. harare. zimbabwe. kr2

The Swiss Federal Office for Buildings and Logistic has decided to extensively renovate the existing embassy and to add an new office wing. The project was designed by Tschanz Architekten in Switzerland.

Due to the difficult economic situation in Zimbabwe, kr2 Architects have been contacted to set up the project out of South Africa.

With a team of South African consultants and Zimbabwean builders construction has been completed.

The process of planning and negotiating has been a big challenge. While Murray Roberts Zimbabwe delivered excellent workmanship, the technical possibilities and availability of materials made a lot of re-planning and coordination necessary.

The project is designed to Swiss energy-efficiency specifications. The combination of local techniques and imported high-tech components demanded great precision in the planning process and on site. The experience of this process was very enriching for all involved.

Despite these difficulties we have achieved a first class building with Swiss quality.

completed. kr2