1/4 [ igheo ]
igheo trade fare proposal.
basel. switzerland.

The South African Embassy in Bern requested a proposal for the South African stand at the international hotel trade fare in Basel. South Africa had been given the opportunity to host the 4 day fare with an expansive 400m2 stand.

Our concept was to reinterpret the African theme in a contemporary and abstract way; to create an enclosed space within the bustle of the fare reminiscent of an outdoor African market place. The ‘market’ would be enclosed by the perimeter stands, an earth red drum and a curved screen opposite, which forms the backdrop to the stage. The red drum represents the African hut. The stands double as billboards for the companies they represent. The beauty & diversity of South Africa can be ‘sold’ in high quality images which wallpaper one entire wall surface of each stand.

The floor plane is a detailed 1: 200 000 topographical map of South Africa showing all place names, which could be used as a tool for visitors to orientate themselves & indicate their locations or journeys through the country for tourism.

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