1/12 [ mabalingwe bush lodge ]
mabalingwe bush lodge. kr2

limpopo province RSA 2006 - 2007
stage: completed

The elongated thatch roof echoes the lines of the Waterberg hills in the distance. The building is wedged into the topography of the site to the sunrise side and juxtaposed with a light timber deck hovering over the rocky terrain to the sunset side. The communal and private functions are separated by the entry, which looks out to the trees.

The loft space of the roof is used for the children’s dorm spaces & upper playroom as well as a mezzanine level overlooking the double volume dining and living room. The interior communal space is focused around an open fireplace. The divide between interior exterior spaces is blurred by creating a deep terrace under the thatch roof, which fans out over the sloping landscape and looks out to the beautiful African bushveld around it.

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completed work. kr2