1/5 [ puffin enclosure competition, berne, ch ]
puffin enclosure. dälhölzli zoo. berne. ch. kr2

The competition brief included the design of enclosures for four northern European animals: arctic fox, musk ox, reindeer and puffin.

We treated the site as an entity; the tundra landscape tilts & shifts like tectonic plates & builds up to the climax, which is the imposing cliff face of the puffin enclosure. We played with the contrast between the massive rock face & the delicate roof structure like a shell or a wing hovering over the water.

The roof structure is composed of a delicate netting held up by 180mm diam. parabolic steel girders curved to maximize the cliff height so that the puffins can use gravity to get airborn. 8mm tension cables give the structure lateral stability. The visitor is taken into the realm of the bird via routes through the project which form part of the architecture.

We took advantage of the drama of the project with variety of views & vantage points from peep holes through rock to hovering above to looking through curved glass wall to observe how they ‘fly’ under water. The upper level platform gives cover from rain & shade in summer. The curving glass façade on ground level allows views into the enclosure from the public walkway and natural light into the lower level.

In collaboration with:
Adrian Tschopp structural engineer Tschopp Kohler Ingenieure GmbH Kollerweg 9 3006 Bern
Luzius Saurer landscape architect HTL/BSLA Bennenbodenrain 18 3032 Hinterkappelen

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