1/10 [ warehouse rabe ]
warehouse rabe. kr2

stellenbosch cape province RSA 2007 - 2008
stage: completed

This project is situated in an old brandy cellar, currently used as an antique furniture shop. The client wished to increase the floor area to include an art gallery and to be able to sublet commercial space.

A steel mezzanine stretches through the huge, empty space and breaks through the end-wall into the street. The length of this space is dramatically accentuated and the gallery announces itself to the public in the street. The structure is separated from the wall by a glass floor, allowing the extensive brick walls to flow past it. At the same time the glass floor keeps visitors away from delicate art works.

A shiny white core grows like a tower through the mezzanine, accommodating the services. In contrast to the clinically minimal outside the interior boasts sensual textures and colors, making it an intimate private space.


completed work. kr2