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sarah bartmann centre of remembrance. kr2

This competition by the Department of Arts and Culture of the Eastern Cape called for a sustainable and representative building to represent the fragile culture of the KhoiSan people.

Our design illustrates the cultural rupture and fragmentation the arrival of European and Bantu people had on the traditional KhoiSan. The building is running like a scar through the landscape, dividing today’s village of Hankey from the natural environment, traditional home to the KhoiSan. In a crack, bridged by the building, the exhibition on Sarah Bartmann is located, a linear space culminating at Sarah’s burial site.

The sharp formal language of the building interrupts the landscape, but its materiality blends in with the arid vegetations and reddish soil. The building does not try to avoid physical impact on the environment, which would be in contradiction with the aim to attract people for education and festivities. The building forms a strong edge to the town, limiting future sprawl and uncontrolled growth. It is on the urban level the design helps to sustain the natural environment for future generations.
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