1/10 [ the siding, franschhoek ]
the siding - franschhoek. kr2

Two cottages and an oak tree form a harmonic and attractive face to the main road into Franschhoek. This view becomes the 'image' of the new development. A new extension is organized as a long, horizontal structure forming a background to the cottages and the tree. This configuration gives the cluster of buildings a new identity and coherence.
A gap in the new building accommodates a weather protected entrance and allows the view from the street to the vinyards. This covered outdoor space also articulates the 'exhibition terrace' on the roadside and the 'shop window - stoep' on the access side.

The modern 'shed' is linked to the cottages by low tunnels made of plack stained OSB board. The big and light spaces stand in direct contrast to the warm and dark interior of the cottages and emphasize their original use as a living space.
The new building is clad in precise framed panels of corrugated iron. It has a fresh and light appearance and puts the traditional materials into a modern context. The corrugated iron is also a reference to agricultural outbuildings and residential building such as the labourer's cottages.
completed. kr2